Learn to love people right where they are.

Stop wishing that everyone else will get it and understand it.... What is of absolute importance is that YOU GET IT !!! The journey is yours to take not anyone else's ( well they have their own journey to take) Everything that is or was happening in your life has been meant to help you... Stop worrying about when your ex will learn, Your mother will change, Your children will be different....It is not up to them to conform to you. it is up to you to be your very best self and what that means is that you may need to re-evaluate your thought process. it is important for you to change the way you feel about them because it is impeding your growth...When you accept people for who they are and stop trying to control or manipulate the situation You become more powerful than you have ever been because today you have made a decision to change your perspective instead of worrying about it... Learn to love people right where they are. #reallovejones #kimlovejones check out my website

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