The opposite of Love is not Hate.

The opposite of Love is not Hate it is indifference. I know when we are going through something with someone we expend a lot of energy talking about what they did to you. Talking about how they hurt you, left you, abandoned you, how they rejected you.

When you realize that the negative energy that you are exuding is a hindrance to where you truly want to be, you will shift your thinking. When you are truly free from the bondage of your past relationships you will be indifferent to that person or situation. You won't feel the need to rehearse your past with everyone you are around. You will be to busy looking forward to your future.

Don't give your energy to someone that has rejected you. They are not worth it. Forgive them, forgive yourself and let it go. So you can live an abundant life. Break the cycle of chaos. #reallovejones #perfectlyimperfect #runningaftermyfuturewithorwithoutyou #loveiswhatlovedoes #thecycleisbroken

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