Mrs. Right Vs. Ms. Right Now

Learn the difference between being Mrs. Right and Ms. Right now! When you are the one for him:

He will show concern when you are concerned. He will make sacrifices for you and he will not try to tear you down. He will want to build a future with you and the words coming out of his mouth will speak to that and his actions will line up with his words.

He will make himself available for you. He will let you know where he is going so you don't have to guess. He will value you and your opinion and treat you as such. He will show you through his actions just how much he cares. If it is in his power, He will make sure you are taking care of financially, He will make sure the lawn is mowed even if he doesn't physically mow it. He will make sure your car is running on point even if he doesn't know how to fix it. He will make an appointment to take it to the mechanic.

He will not just call you to come to visit when it is convenient for him, but He will make you a priority in his life. He will take an active role with your children.

Ms. Right NOW only sees him every now and again. He makes no plans with you. He only calls you late at night and if you ask him to do something for you. He will always find an excuse. If this happening, you are Just for right now.

If he has never taken you out and spent the day with you... You are not it. (especially if you have been seeing him for 2 months and the only place you are together is at His place or yours...

If he has never introduced you to his friends or family You are not it.... If the only time he calls is for you to do something for him and he never does anything for you.... Time to wake up!!!

Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a meantime relationship if that is where you are and you are not looking for anything more, but be careful of the snake that tries to convince you that he is loving you and has no intentions on being with you.

Know the difference between being Mrs. Right and Ms. Right now

Kim Love Jones #perfectlyimperfect #clarity #Peace #love #knowyourworth

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